Premier League Predictions: Todd’s Week 37 EPL Picks

Premier League Picks and Predictions 2013-14

 The Premier League season is down to week 37 and one final push for teams to stake their claims before the final day. This week’s predictions include midweek matches that will see all 20 teams level on games played.

It looks like everyone from West Ham United (37 points) and up are safe this season (barring something absolutely crazy in the last two weeks). West Brom and Aston Villa could guarantee safety with a single victory due to their better goal difference, but they both face stiff opposition in their two matches this week.

Sunderland look likely to break free of relegation while Norwich are most likely doomed for the drop. Cardiff City could find themselves out of the bottom three, but will need to win this weekend and count on teams around them losing, and that is just to give themselves a shot at the last day of the season. Reality is that they are most likely going down along with Fulham.

The most points that any of the current bottom three teams can amass would be 38 by Norwich City. This means that teams like West Ham and Hull need only to get a draw to be safe, considering their better goal difference. Teams like West Brom and Aston Villa could still face relegation, especially considering their difficult run in to finish the season.

Fulham could push themselves clear, but need to win this weekend to have any chance of that. A loss for Fulham or Cardiff this weekend, coupled with wins by any of Norwich or Sunderland would mean that they will be relegated.

All in all, this weekend will be very exciting in terms of how the bottom of the table finishes. At the top of the table Liverpool have a very tricky trip to Selhurst Park to take on Crystal Palace. This could be made even more tricky depending on the result of the Everton v Manchester City match. A win for City would put them at the top of the table, level on points, but ahead on goal difference. However, a Chelsea win would put them at the top of the table ahead of both northeast clubs with a tally of 81 compared to 80.

Writing off Chelsea’s chances at a league title should be done at your own peril. They may be behind, but stranger things have happened in the Premier League.

Time Home Score   Score Away Final Score
Saturday, May 3
7:45 am West Ham United 1 v 3 Tottenham Hotspur 2 – 0
10:00 am Aston Villa 1 v 2 Hull City 3 – 1
10:00 am Manchester United 3 v 1 Sunderland 0 – 1
10:00 am Newcastle United 0 v 2 Cardiff City 3 – 0
10:00 am Stoke City 2 v 1 Fulham 2 – 1
10:00 am Swansea City 2 v 2 Southampton 0 – 1
12:30 pm Everton 1 v 3 Manchester City 2 – 3
Sunday, May 4
8:30 am Arsenal 2 v 1 West Brom 2 – 1
11:00 pm Chelsea 3 v 0 Norwich City 0 – 0
Monday, May 5
3:00 pm Crystal Palace 2 v 2 Liverpool 3 – 3
Tuesday, May 6
2:45 pm Manchester United 2 V 1 Hull City 3 – 1
Wednesday, May 7
2:45 pm Sunderland 2 V 0 West Brom 2 – 0
2:45 pm Manchester City 5 V 0 Aston Villa 4 – 0

All times listed as Eastern Standard

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