Where Will Wayne Rooney Go? The Transfer Saga of the Summer

The Wayne Rooney Transfer Saga: Where Will He Go?

Where will Wayne Rooney go this summer? Perhaps a better question is Where CAN Wayne Rooney go? There are so few options for the Manchester United forward, and yet he keeps stirring things up with his unrest at the club.

To me, it seems like a ploy by Rooney and his agent. To what end, I’m not entirely sure. He obviously does not like the position he is in at Manchester United. When he previously submitted a transfer request in 2010 he cited his reasoning being that United were not being ambitious enough or pushing to bring in enough top quality players. Now he seems to have put in his notice after realizing that the player they purchased is his replacement.

Since Robin van Persie joined United in the summer Wayne Rooney has not been the go to striker. Add to that the purchase of Shinji Kagawa as their attacking midfielder and Rooney has been pushed even deeper into the midfield. Over the last two months or so Rooney has been sitting quite deep in midfield and playing almost a holding midfield role.

Rooney is not going to be the same attacking forward that he once was. The sooner that he accepts this and is able to transition to a new role, the better it will be for his career.

How much is Wayne Rooney’s Salary?

Wayne Rooney’s current salary is believed to be in the range of £220,000 per week. How much he is paid is going to be a pretty massive stumbling block for any team that wants to buy Rooney from United. It also leaves very few suitors available that can afford to pay him.

Bayern Munich has already distanced themselves from moving in on Rooney. It is difficult to see either Barcelona or Real Madrid going for him either. That really only leaves teams like Manchester City, newly promoted Ligue 1 side Monaco, PSG and Chelsea.

At the moment the two teams linked most often are PSG and Chelsea with reports of a £30 million move for him from Chelsea. There were some other rumors of Arsenal being linked with a move as well, but it would be difficult for them to pay his wage packet.

With Rooney wanting to leave and not willing to accept a new role at Old Trafford there are also few options for them. Depending on where he goes there may be a deal for United to continue to pay part of his salary until the end of his current contract. This could open up other options for a club like Arsenal.

The summer is always an interesting time when it comes to transfer rumors and this is certainly a rumor that will not go away until he is set packing for a new club. Even if he remains at United another season, the rumors will certainly not stop. This also means that the club will need to find someone before the start of the season and move him along quickly.

Which clubs could Wayne Rooney go to?

The other interesting part of this transfer saga is what position he will play at a new club. He would certainly fit in well at Arsenal, with the team needing a driving, attacking force as well as a player that can help both Theo Walcott and Jack Wilshire grow at the club.

I do find it hard to see him fitting in at Chelsea except to perhaps put him back up front and leading the line. If Jose Mourinho does return to Stamford Bridge, then Rooney could be put in as a big striker up front similar to the way Didier Drogba was used. At the same time, Chelsea should have Romelu Lukaku back at the club and he is a much more natural fit for this sort of position. Which really only leaves Rooney as a second striker, which isn’t what he wants.

Paris Saint-Germain is in a similar position. They already have two world class strikers in Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Ezequiel Lavezzi. They could possibly slot Rooney in as a creative midfielder behind the strikers, but this would be at the cost of other up and coming midfielders at the club.

So, this still hasn’t answered the question of where Wayne Rooney will go. Obviously there are no answers as of yet, but the problem is that the options are extremely limited and yet, a move is almost necessary at this point.

Wayne Rooney’s place at Manchester United has been tarnished because of his inability to adapt. He is no longer the same quick attacking threat he once was. He certainly has the ability to be a goal scoring threat, but he’s not going to be leading the line at United and he’s not a playmaker to drive the attack forward either.

He needs to be able to accept that his role is changing and he will be needed to play deeper and become more of a box-to-box style midfielder. He would do well to look at Tony Kroos at Bayern Munich or perhaps even Yaya Toure at Manchester City.

As it stands now Wayne Rooney will need to be dealt with by David Moyes and I can imagine it will be something along the lines of telling Rooney he will need to either accept his new role or be prepared to accept a lower wage elsewhere. I simply can’t see Wayne Rooney remaining at Manchester United. I highly doubt he will be willing to drop deeper on a permanent basis.

While Rooney is still a very good player, world class even, he truly has not realized his potential. Too often he has reminded me of someone who would be fun to hang out with, eating pizza and drinking beers while playing video games, but not with the same drive to be the best in the way that Cristiano Ronaldo is or even Ryan Giggs for that matter.

Yet, he continues to have the attitude that he is the best player at United and they need to give him what he wants. If he wants to be considered one of the best in the world then he needs to get his head straight and drop the attitude. He would do well to consider adding a touch of humility to his repertoire, at least until he is able to truly back up his claims in the way Ronaldo or Messi has.

The Wayne Rooney transfer rumors will continue. He will continue to be linked with clubs across Europe. His massive salary will remain in the news as well as where he will go. This will all continue until he is sent to another club. Even staying at Manchester United will not keep these rumors from persisting.