Everton v West Ham United Premier League Predictions: Match Preview


Premier League Preview for Everton v West Ham along with Predictions for the matches on week 37 of the EPL. Follow up each match with results and video highlights posted later in the week. You can also check out the weekly EPL TV Schedule.

Technically speaking Everton still has a chance at getting the final Europa League spot, but realistically speaking, it is out of reach with Tottenham needing a win to secure that spot at the very least. Both of these teams have shown varied form recently and both have managers who will not allow their teams to give up just because they don’t have anything to play for.

Everton has had one of their better seasons this year and have continued to be able to get results all season long. Their biggest downfall is in leading the league in draws. They actually have fewer losses than some of the teams above them, but their number of draws is what has separated them from finishing in the top five.

Of course, the big news this week is David Moyes being announced as the successor to Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. This will be a big match for Everton and David Moyes. I don’t expect him to throw in the towel, and if anything he could become more driven to prove that he is worthy of filling such enormous shoes.

West Ham has shown some real guts in recent matches, but fallen just short of getting wins. They have continued to play the Sam Allardyce way and get results, which has mostly silenced critics who complained of wanting the “West Ham way.”  Like Everton they are safe in the middle of the table.

I’d expect this match to be quite scrappy. Everton do not back down from any team and can be every bit as physical as any of the toughest teams in the EPL. West Ham are already known for their physicality and direct attacking football, so there should be no surprises. I really think that Everton are well equipped to deal with this and with Andy Carroll.

My prediction is for a narrow Everton win. Moyes is not the kind of manager to simply give up on a team and he will push them to the very end of his contract. Everton has the players capable of handling the West Ham threat as well as being more than capable of getting the goals needed to win.

Everton (W, D, W, D, L, W, D)   1 – 0   West Ham (W, D, D, D, W, L, D)


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