Horrible Tackle by Wigan’s McManaman [Video]

Callum McManaman Tackle

In Sunday’s match between Wigan Athletic and Newcastle United, Wigan’s forward Callum McManaman was involved in a horrible challenge on Massadio Haidara. I’ve watched this several times on replays and I’m still shocked that nothing came of it. No red card, no yellow card, not even a free kick awarded. This was a match that I was actually listening to live and the commentary likened it to the tackle by Nani in the Champions League in which he was red carded. The big difference being that the Real Madrid player, Arbeloa, continued to play the rest of the match after rolling around a few times and receiving a brief period of treatment.

In Sunday’s clash, Haidara received rather extensive treatment before being stretchered off. Following the match Newcastle still were unsure of the extent of the injury saying he had thigh and knee ligament damage. They also reported that they hadn’t determined the full extent due to the amount of pain he was in.

This is certainly a case that will be reviewed by the disciplinary panel and will definitely result in a ban for McManaman. It is just unfortunate that it was completely missed by referee Mark Halsey or any of his linesmen. This came in a match in which the winning goal came following a Wigan player knocking the ball down with his hand in the box. Not to mention some of the other controversial calls made in this weekend’s EPL matches.

Watching the replay again you can clearly hear Haidara scream in pain when McManaman connects with his knee. It sounds awful and looks bad too. I would say it looks even worse for the FA and their referees.