Stoke City v Chelsea Premier League Scores and Highlights

Premier League results and Highlights

Premier League Scores: Result, Match Analysis and Highlights from the EPL Fixture between Stoke City vs Chelsea on Saturday, January 12, 2013. Includes Video Highlights for U.S. viewers (as available).

Result: Stoke City 0 – 4 Chelsea

Location: Britannia Stadium – Stoke City

Stoke – 0 Chelsea – 4
Jonathan Walters (OG 45’+2’)
Jonathan Walters (OG 62’)
Frank Lampard (PEN 65’)
Eden Hazard (73’)

Chelsea got quite lucky. Stoke managed to have Jonthan Walters score two own goals and miss a penalty. Juan Mata’s dive in the box gave Frank Lampard the penalty kick to get him the second most goals in Chelsea’s history. Eden Hazard’s 73rd minute goal was well deserved. This was Stoke’s first loss at home in the Premier League this season.

Video Highlights:
Jonathan Walters Own Goal:

Jonathan Walters Own Goal:

Frank Lampard Penalty:

Eden Hazard Goal:

Full Match Highlights:


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