Manchester United v West Ham United Premier League Scores and Video Highlights

Premier League scores and highlights

Premier League Scores: Result and Highlights from the EPL Fixture between Manchester United v West Ham United on Wednesday, November 28, 2012.

Result: Manchester United 1 – 0 West Ham United

Location: Old Trafford – Manchester United

Man United – 1 West Ham – 0
Robin van Persie (1’)  

I really thought that the only outcome of this one would be a Manchester United win. Robin van Persie started out the match by scoring a brilliant goal in the 31st second (1st minute). From here the match progressed fairly predictably. West Ham mostly sat back to defend and try to force a goal through either a quick counter down the wings (playing the long ball) or through a set piece. They did look dangerous on occasions and always looked like they could get a goal.

Too often the Manchester United defenders (and midfielders) were nudged off the ball or tried to hold it up too long and lost out to West Ham. United played it very tight in the final third without any wingers starting. They played rather directly with a lot of one-two passing looking for a break through into the packed box.

Plenty of credit should go to the West Ham players. They played hard all match long and it was never a comfortable match for United. Manchester United will be very happy to get a win and especially to, finally, keep a clean sheet.

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