Premier League Scores: Liverpool v Wigan Athletic Highlights [Video]

Premier League Scores and Highlights

Premier League Scores: Result and Highlights from the EPL Fixture between Liverpool v Wigan Athletic on Saturday, November 17, 2012.

Result: Liverpool 3 – 0 Wigan Athletic

Location: Anfield – Liverpool

Liverpool – 3 Wigan – 0
Luis Suarez (47’)
Luis Suarez (58’)
Jose Enrique (66’)

Liverpool continue to rely on Luis Suarez. I really thought that Wigan would have a better game plan for dealing with him, but he is in such great form lately that there wasn’t much they could do. I did predict a draw, mostly because I thought Wigan would be able to push forward and get a goal while being able to shut down Suarez. Their inability to keep Suarez out of the goal scoring was their downfall. Having allowed the first goal, Wigan seemed to roll over and give up. This led to Jose Enrique swooping in to score in the 66th minute following Suarez’ shot.

For Liverpool’s part they seemed to change their tactics and move more towards allowing their opponents more time with the ball, but also closing them down early on the ball in the Liverpool half. For the matches where they have done this they have done much better and been able to score more goals than the games where they keep possession for 60% or more of the game.

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