Premier League Scores: Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur Highlights [Video]

Premier League Scores: Result and Highlights from the EPL Fixture between Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday, November 17, 2012.

Result: Arsenal 5 – 2 Tottenham

Location: Emirates Stadium – Arsenal

Arsenal – 5 Tottenham – 2
Pers Mertesacker (24’) Emmanuel Adabayor (10’)
Lukas Podolski (42’) Gareth Bale (71’)
Olivier Giroud (46’)
Santi Cazorla (60’)
Theo Walcott (90’+1’)

In predicting this match I was not factoring in Tottenham having Emmanuel Adebayor sent off in only the 18th minute. It was an obvious, and stupid red card for him to go in so hard on a lost ball by leaving his feet, 2 studs up and catching him; just plain stupid.

Adebayor was the man to open the scoring in the 10th minute when he got onto the spilled save by Wojciech Szczesny. Adebayor’s red card completely changed the game. This is a match that was destined to be a close, hard fought one, but after the sending off it become very one sided.

Arsenal managed to score only 6 minutes after the tackle and didn’t stop there. They dominated the match from that point on. With Adebayor off Tottenham lost their main striker, but this also left a gaping hole for Arsenal and required Jermain Defoe to sit much deeper. Tottenham’s attacking threat at the front diminished and left it for Gareth Bale on the wing to try to take over the match. This also meant that Tottenham’s options were limited leaving Arsenal more chances to close them down.

Tottenham had another great chance in the 73rd minute with Gareth Bale steaming down the wing past the Arsenal defense. He should have crossed the ball for William Gallas to tap in, but decided to go for the glory himself, only to shoot wide.

The win for Arsenal is crucial and will certainly lift them. It should also give Arsene Wenger some reprieve from the fan’s ire, at least for the time being. On the other side, Tottenham continue to struggle this season with their win against Manchester United being the pinnacle of their season so far. More questions will be asked of Andre Villas-Boas who still has yet to impress in the Premier League.

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