Premier League Predictions: Manchester United v Arsenal EPL Match of the Week

Premier League predictions

Premier League Predictions EPL Match of the Week: Manchester United v. Arsenal

I know I did a Manchester United preview last weekend, but this is the biggest match of this weekend. My prediction for this one is another Manchester United win and another frustrating performance from Arsenal, as well as the United defense.

This season Arsenal has had a very hot/cold start. They started out with 2 draws, but followed this up with 2 wins that had everyone thinking they were back and ready to go on a tear. Instead they have managed a draw, loss, win, loss, and win.

Their loss to Norwich was shocking, but also showed so many of their weaknesses, in particular their inability to provide goals. Last weekend they were very fortunate to win against a QPR side that is at the bottom of the table. If it wasn’t for some poor refereeing and a rash decision by M’Bia to get sent off, they would’ve had yet another 2 points dropped at home.

Manchester United can’t really brag too much though. They were lucky in the extreme last weekend against Chelsea. I won’t get into any more of that since it has been covered plenty elsewhere.

United’s biggest weakness this season has been the center of midfield. More specifically, in their lack of a holding defensive midfielder to shield the center backs. I would venture to say that Arsenal are also lacking in this area. Due to this I’m going to give the midfield battle to Manchester United.

Manchester United’s front line is stronger than Arsenal’s and I would say it is also stronger than Arsenal’s back four. They have had their fair share of mistakes this season and haven’t always had the greatest of form. They also have a backup goal keeper who isn’t the greatest of keepers.

United’s back line has been establishing a run of consistency in terms of who is being played, but they are still leaking goals that previous United defenses have not. If Arsenal have any hope of winning, then they are going to have to start doing something with their possession and become a more clinical side.

I really do not see Arsenal winning this one. They don’t have the forwards necessary to score goals, although they could easily get a goal or 2 on the break against United’s poor midfield and lax defending. Either way, United will end up scoring more goals than Arsenal to get the win. I’m predicting a final of Manchester United 3 – 1 Arsenal.


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