When Are the Transfer Windows Open For the English Premier League?

Premier League Transfer Windows

When are the transfer windows open for the English Premier League? There are 2 transfer windows in the Premier League. One during the summer following the end of the season and one in January.

The EPL has 2 separate transfer windows. These are the 2 time frames in which players can be transferred between teams. The first transfer window opens at midnight on the last day of the season and then ends on August 31, or the closest business day after if the 31st is not a business day (i.e. a Sunday).

However, most transfers are not made until the first of July. This is due to the “Holiday Year” in which the clubs year is started on July 1st and extends 12 months until June 30th.

The second window opens on midnight of December 31st and end on January 31st (or the closest business day after if the 31st is not a business day).

There are additional rules that do allow players to be transferred between clubs under special circumstances such as being able to sign a player who was temporarily transferred to a club. There is also the chance for transfers to occur between a Premier League and a club from another country whose transfer window is still open, however this can only be done if a player is leaving the Premier League club for a club in the other country.