Premier League Predictions: Fulham v Manchester City Match of the Week

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Premier League Predictions: Fulham v Manchester City Match of the Week for Matchweek 6

I decided that for this week’s match of the week I would feature Fulham and Manchester City. Both teams are currently in the middle of the table with Fulham at 6th and Manchester City at 7th and both on 9 points.

Barclays Premier League Form:
Fulham:                     Manchester City:
WLLWW                    WDWDD

With Fulham at home and City having started more slowly than they would have preferred this match will be quite interesting. Many times this season Manchester City has looked weak in defense and made careless errors leading to goals (7 so far).

While they have been able to score goals to counteract this (10 to date) they are still not where they want to be. Perhaps this has to do with Mancini and his own reluctance to let go of his focus on defense in favor of more attacking.

With his 3-5-2 setup the midfield tends to sit deep and help defend with the 2 forwards staying up. Inviting teams to attack rather than possess and go forward themselves has led to allowing more goals rather than keeping them out.

Martin Jol’s men have preferred to play more free flowing soccer this year. They have lost 2 very good midfielders in Dempsey and Dembele, but other players have been able to step up and fill this void.

The addition of Dimitar Berbatov has worked out well for both the player and the team. Not only has he added a scoring threat to the team, but his ability with the ball gives them all more chances to create goals.

I’m predicting a draw for this one (1-1), even though it could go either way. City is coming off of 3 flat performances in a row while Fulham has 2 wins back to back.