Premier League Predictions Match of the Week: Liverpool v Manchester United

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Premier League Predictions Match of the Week for Liverpool v. Manchester United.
Date: Sunday, September 23, 2012
Time: 8:30 am ET
Location: Anfield, Liverpool
TV Schedule: FOX Soccer Channel (LIVE); FOX (REPLAY at 2:00 pm ET)

I’ll be honest and admit that I’m probably going to be biased. After all, this is the most exciting match-up in the EPL. I tend to liken it to the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox (especially match- ups this season).

Manchester United has started the season looking mediocre. I would say that their play this season so far has been very Nani-esque. At times they look brilliant and at times they are very frustrating. It seems to fluctuate from match to match as to which extreme they are leaning.

United’s midfield has been their biggest weakness. They have looked suspect throughout pretty much every match. So far the running joke has been that they look like a doughnut (strength on the wings, the center backs, and up front, but not a whole lot in the middle).

Carrick has looked good in his distribution and Scholes is always solid and threatening, but they are really missing a good defensive midfielder to slow down their opponents.

If United are able to link their midfield and front lines then they should be able to really go at Liverpool and get plenty of goals. They just need to keep possession and slow up Liverpool in the center of the pitch.

Which leads to Liverpool. If United have been mediocre, then Liverpool have been plain awful. Their only win of the season came tonight (Thursday) in the Europa League against Young Boys. Go ahead, hit up Google and figure out who they are, then check back and laugh with me.

If I could give you a strength at Liverpool I suppose it would Brendan Rodgers, however he’s pretty much on his own in trying to lead this team forward with his philosophy.

In all fairness the youngsters Raheem Sterling and Jonjo Shelvey have looked good at times, but they are still young and prone to mistakes.

Liverpool has made their fair share of mistakes this season, starting with their off season transfer blunders. Thus far they have looked very shaky in defense and they have mostly benefited from defensive errors in scoring their goals.

I’m expecting a fairly even match in terms of possession. Both Sir Alex Ferguson and Brendan Rodgers like to play using passing and possession, however both teams have also had difficulty being able to actually implement this sufficiently.

I’m predicting United will take their 10th win at Anfield with a 3-1 score line.

EPL Form:
Manchester United: LWWW                   Liverpool: DLD

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