Premier League TV: Being: Liverpool on FOX Mistake?

Being: Liverpool poster

Premier League TV: Being Liverpool on FOX Mistake?

Today, Sunday, September 16, is the debut showing of Being: Liverpool on FOX TV, however they have managed to blunder this. Instead of advertising the showtimes they simply mentioned that it was on FOX and never gave a time. Perhaps they were hoping people would simply leave FOX on all day and happen to see it. I think this was a major mistake on their part.

The majority of TV providers (cable and satellite) such as Comcast, DirecTV or Dish Network, use a guide which allows you see what is on and choose to watch it (or set your DVR to record it). FOX apparently decided not to take advantage of this. Are they trying to sabotage the program? Let it go the way of great programs such as Arrested Development? In my opinion, yes.

Perhaps this is being too conspiratorial, but it certainly seems like FOX decided to skip promoting the event and even skip choosing a specific air time in the hopes that people would not watch it and they could then continue to say that Premier League soccer on TV is not a viable option. They would prefer to continue airing American football and keep their excuses for not showing soccer  despite its worldwide popularity.

You would think that they would promote Being: Liverpool in the attempt to drive new U.S. viewers to a massive source of income in being able to air English Premier League soccer on TV. Instead they are content to air a few matches per year on Sunday afternoons and leave the rest for their premium channels of FOX Soccer Channel and FOX Soccer Plus. Pretty lame if you ask me.