Premier League Perspectives: Should there be higher fines for a red card?

Premier League Perspectives: Should there be higher fines for a red card?

With my recent posts concerning whether players receive fines for a yellow or red card in the English Premier League, it got me thinking about this.

Should there be more of a deterrent for receiving cards in games?

Perhaps for red cards there should be a higher fine, but for the yellow card, they are meant to be warnings and just having the administration fee attached seems fair.

Many other sports have fines attached to ejections from the game. In these sports fines are typically set by the governing bodies and usually start at minimum and go up from there.

In the NBA an ejection has $1000 minimum fine which can then be increased by the Commissioner’s Office. In Major League Baseball, the NHL and the NFL fines can be imposed for ejections, but are not always.

In all these sports there are also possibilities for suspensions depending on the severity of the incident. In all these cases the incidents are reviewed by the governing bodies.

For the Barclays English Premier League it is similar, but also quite different. Specific rules are in place for receiving cards during matches. There is also the possibility of additional fines and suspensions following matches if an incident is deemed to be unsportsmanlike or bringing the game into disrepute.

It is also possible for a player to receive a fine or suspension following review of a match incident that may have been missed by the referee.

There have been some very public cases of incidents that have occurred during matches that are then escalated even further (Cantona, Suarez, Barton).

In recent times there have also been fines handed out for players activity on social media sites such as Twitter (Barton, Ferdinand).

In my opinion I think more needs to be done (and not just for the Premier League).

These are guys (usually very young) who make millions of dollars/pounds/euros every year. For them receiving a fine of a few thousand dollars is nothing. Even a $25,000 fine for some of these guys is only a fraction of what they receive in a week.

For me, if I receive a several hundred dollar fine, it is going to hurt. I’m going to regret what I did and probably do what I can to prevent it from happening again.

Do these multi-millionaires see it the same way? Most likely not.

In most cases they might only regret it from the stand point of the amount of inconvenience attached to it. Will this deter them? Maybe, or maybe not.

The straight red card should have more attached to it. Perhaps a percentage of annual wage for a fine along with a suspension?

I think this would get players to think twice. A yellow card may not always need to be so severe. I do believe that there needs to be some leeway for referees and players to have that warning card shown.

Are the punishments in place for cards enough of a deterrent? Should fines be higher? Or is everything as it should be?