QPR’s Spending Spree: Too Much?


Premier League Perspectives: QPR’s Spending Spree: Too Much?

Thus far Queens Park Rangers have brought in 11 new players since the start of the transfer window.

At the beginning of this season they had already changed out 7 of their starters from their last game of the previous Premier League season.

Newly added Adam Johnson and Julio Cesar are sure to take over starting roles this weekend and increase that number to 9.

What exactly is the point in all this spending? I’m sure they hope that in doing so they will avoid relegation and be able to take advantage of the massive cash flow incoming for next year’s big Premier League TV deal (post upcoming on Premier League finances).

Will they even be able to avoid relegation? Perhaps the addition of Cesar will ensure that they do avoid the drop, but club goals seem to be a Champions League place or Europa League place at the very least.

They have already started out the season poorly losing very badly to Swansea 5-0 then drawing to Norwich City last weekend. During the week they were able to advance in the Capitol One Cup by beating League One Walsall 3-0.

Not exactly a fantastic start for a team with such high hopes. Against Swansea they looked rag tag and lost. Communication and leadership on the pitch seemed to be non-existent.

I’m a big fan of Park Ji-Sung, but I have never considered him to be captain material. He’s a great player who works very hard, but in the Premier League, leading by example is not the only quality of a captain.

QPR’s philosophy seems to be, throw enough money at it till it looks like it’s gonna work. Mark Hughes seems to love this philosophy and take it to heart just as he did at Manchester City.

Having money and international class players does not give you titles or wins (just look at Hughes tenure at City). This year’s team might do well, but only if Mark Hughes can give them a plan that will allow them to succeed.

This team seems to be cobbled together with players that may or may not work out together. It is full of players who have played largely bit roles for other clubs before being dumped on QPR’s doorsteps.

Will they make something of themselves? Will Cesar’s (psychosis?) dream of winning the Premier League with QPR one day come true? Only time will tell. For this season, the answer is almost certainly 1) maybe 2) NO!

The Rangers will be fortunate to avoid relegation this season, but in the end I can see them being able to do so, and, most likely, in a fashion not nearly as dramatic as last season. They may not finish in the top 10 or even the top 15, but they should be able to stay out of the bottom at the end.

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