Premier League Perspectives: Is Fernando Torres finally settling in?

Chelsea forward Fernando Torres

With Drogba gone Torres finally gets his chance to become the striker he was at Liverpool, or perhaps it’s the change in management, or maybe the addition of Eden Hazard? Whatever the reason Torres looks like he is finally settling in at Chelsea like he never has before.

Torres’ 2 goals to start the season (though 1 should have been disallowed) don’t do him the justice of what he has really done for Chelsea so far.

His movement off the ball and being able to move in and out of space is what has made a difference for the Blues this year. He has been able to create chances and goals with his movement and his passing.

In the past few seasons with Chelsea he has also looked frustrated and often alone up front. He would make decent runs, but when he didn’t get the ball, he had the look of a spoiled child who didn’t get the toy they wanted. Then there were the times he would get the ball he wanted but spurn the chance with a terrible shot or even more terrible miss.

This season he seems much more comfortable. In my opinion I think it’s due to all three above factors. He now has a creative playmaker to get him the ball, he has a manager who is settled at the club and uses him, and he no longer has the shadow of Didier Drogba lurking behind (or in front) of him.

Torres new attitude has as much to do with his new found form as the winning way the team is playing. He appears much happier this year which will make a huge difference in how he and Chelsea play this season.

What do you think? Has Torres turned the corner? Will he compete for the Premier League’s Golden Boot this season? Or is this just a fluke?