Premier League transfer news

The excitement of the final week of Premier League transfers is upon us. It’s always entertaining to hear of all the speculation surrounding transfers this time of year.

This week has seen a lot of action and even more will be coming in the next day or so.

Adebayor has made his move from Man City to Tottenham permanent. A good deal for both teams. Tottenham gets a quality striker while Man City is able to get Adebayor off it’s books and make room for the possible (imminent?) signing of Steve Sinclair from Swansea.

Chelsea looks to have sealed the transfer of Wigan’s Victor Moses for a reported £9 million. This gives Torres a strike partner should Di Matteo decide to go that route. At the very least it gives him a backup forward. I’m not quite sure what Wigan gets out of this deal other than the money.

The loan move of midfielder Nuri Sahin from Real Madrid to Liverpool is a surprise. After reports had previously said Sahin was destined for Arsenal it appears that Liverpool has swooped in to nab him instead. Sahin would fit in well for either team, but it seems that he did not want to go to Arsenal. Perhaps more backlash from the sentiment that Arsenal are becoming little more than a top 4 feeder club for everyone else.

Tottenham’s midfielder Tom Huddlestone appears set for a loan move to Stoke. This should benefit both Huddlestone and Stoke as it will give Huddlestone some playing time and add a different facet to Stoke’s play other than to hack and slash opponents. Although I don’t see that habit ending any time soon.

Matt Jarvis should be headed from Championship side Wolverhampton Wolves to West Ham United following his medical.

It seems inevitable that Jermain Defoe will end up going to QPR and Luka Modric to Real Madrid. Defoe would be a great addition to QPR who could really use a striker who can get them some goals. They will just need to get a game plan in place and maybe play a little better next game. I’m still confused about the Luka Modric switch. I fail to see how he’s going to get himself any significant playing time at Real. He’s a good player, but he seems to really fit in at Tottenham while Real Madrid already has any number of other star players to fill his role.

Clint Dempsey has become the latest want-away ego in the news. It seems to be becoming more and more trendy for players to turn in their transfer notice then refuse to play. Most likely he will end up going to Liverpool, but I suppose only time will tell. Liverpool could really use an attacking player of his caliber. They need someone to put up front and assist Suarez who has become ever more lonely up there.

The Andy Carroll saga seems set to continue on, most likely right up to the last day. Now West Ham has been linked with possibly wanting him. He would really help out the Hammers and give them a good striker up front, but the chances of them actually having the funds are slim. It does seem more plausible that Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool would be willing to let him go to West Ham rather than Newcastle. Newcastle would be a more direct threat to Liverpool and there is also the pride factor of selling Andy Carroll back to Newcastle for a much reduced price from what they paid Newcastle initially.

I’m sure tomorrow will bring many more interesting stories and hopefully I will be able to update you all with more information at that time. I’m sure there will be more surprises waiting for us all in the next week.