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Here at Premier Soccer Chat we strive to bring you a fan’s perspective on the English Premier League. We also cover Cup Tournaments including the FA Cup, Capital One Cup, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, with a focus on the qualifying EPL teams.

We are devoted to bringing you quality content including matchday previews, Premier League predictions, betting picks, and in-depth analysis. Our EPL standings page and TV schedule for U.S. viewers are updated weekly.

This blog is the brainchild of Todd Shenk, U.S Citizen and avid EPL follower. Consequently, we provide additional content especially for U.S. EPL fans and newcomers. More information about Todd here.

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We bring you lots of content relevant to soccer betting, but please keep in mind that our picks and predictions are for entertainment purposes only. Our predictions for match results should not be taken too seriously. We are more interested in providing thoughtful analysis and insight than predicting accurate results. We also recognize that soccer is incredibly hard to predict. In fact, we feel that the complexity of the game makes soccer one of the most difficult sports to predict. There’s always a that one unexpected event or that unforeseen variable.

If you would like more information about soccer betting, or are a serious better, please see our directory of soccer betting services and resources here.


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