Week 3 Premier League Predictions

After two weekends of matches we are really no closer to getting a good grasp on how these matches will continue to finish. There are very few out there that can legitimately say that they thought Leicester City would have two wins and six goals scored. Continue Reading

Fantasy Premier League Tips Week 2 Preview

In the fantasy Premier League official game everyone gets one free transfer per week and there is always the difficulty of figuring out which player to bring in. With the salary cap rules in place this becomes even more difficult. The very best FPL managers usually have a strategy mapped out for several matches in advance. Continue Reading

Week 2 Premier League predictions

With the first week of Premier League matches ended there is very little to tell us about how this season will shape up. I suppose that this was too much to ask after one round of matches, but several narratives will need to be rewritten. Continue Reading

Waking Up For The Match

Like with most Premier League fixtures, American viewers were forced to wake up extremely early in order to watch the match. This task was extremely difficult. If you’re willing to make some sacrifices to your sleep schedule.There are some tools you needed to utilize in order to successfully wake up on time. Continue Reading

Understanding the new FPL rules

With the new fantasy Premier League season starting there are several new rules in place that all managers need to know about and understand how to use them. This includes the new “chip” system to go along with the wildcards of previous season. Continue Reading

Gameweek 1 fantasy Premier League preview

To start the FPL season it’s usually necessary to come out with a quality team. There are many cookie cutter varieties of teams for week one of this fantasy Premier League season so I thought it would be good to take a look at some of the options available for us as managers. Continue Reading

FIFA 16 Is More Valuable Than Youth Soccer

Soccer is played all over the planet. This vast outreach makes it difficult to measure the popularity of youth Soccer. Not every area in the world has organized leagues and many children only play the sport for fun at home. The ones that are able to join a league often lose interest or are unable to progress. Measuring FIFA game sales is a much easier task, making it a far more valuable developmental tool. Continue Reading

English Premier League Predictions & Analysis