Week 21 Premier League predictions

With the Premier League taking a break for the weekend for FA Cup Round 4 matches, week 21 will take place with Tuesday and Wednesday matches following the weekend. With all of the Premier League teams participating, it is yet another quick turnaround between matches for everyone. Continue Reading

Week 20 Premier League predictions

Week 20 brings with it the first matches of 2016 in the Premier League. With Arsenal at the top of the table and Leicester City level on points, there are plenty of questions to be asked about the second half of the season. 19 matches are down leaving us with 19 more to go. Continue Reading

Week 18 and 19 Premier League predictions

With this season’s Boxing Day fixtures comes joy for some teams and gloom for others. With Leicester City securely at the top of the table on Christmas they will have plenty to celebrate going into the New Year. Arsenal, likewise, have much to celebrate being just two points off of first. Continue Reading

Week 17 Fantasy Premier League Preview

For my week 17 fantasy Premier League preview I want to take a look at the best forwards in the game so far. The great thing about the current crop of top forwards this season is that only one of the top ten is over £9.8 in the official FPL game. That one is the currently injured Sergio Aguero at £13.0. Continue Reading

Week 17 Premier League predictions

The 2015-16 Premier League season is getting to the point that there really isn’t such a thing as a “surprise result” anymore. With Newcastle United winning their second match in a row and Leicester City continuing their tremendous run of form while Chelsea sink themselves into a relegation battle.
There is no early match in week 17, but there are plenty of great matches all weekend long culminating in a top of the table clash between Arsenal and Man City on Monday night.
Continue Reading

The Perks of Playing Draft Style Fantasy Premier League Football

For years the only way to play fantasy Premier League football online was via the official Premier League site. Since then it has evolved into a massive game that includes the possibility of winning money or tickets or jerseys across several different sites. The problem with many of these leagues is that they are all based on a salary format wherein you are given a set salary to spend on the players you want. Each week you are limited in the number of transfers you can make and many of these leagues feature “cookie cutter” lineups that tend to sap a lot of the fun, particularly if you want to get risky and play a differential. Continue Reading

Week 16 Premier League predictions and FPL matchups

Every weekend I can’t help but think Leicester City will start to slide and Chelsea will start winning. Week 16 is no different with the two teams taking each other on in the Monday night match. It will certainly be an interesting match and a great way to cap the weekend. Continue Reading

English Premier League Predictions & Analysis