World Cup 2014 Predictions and Preview

Predictions for the 2014 World Cup are never a simple task. Soccer Cup tournaments are always difficult to predict the outcomes for and the World Cup even more so. There are so many factors that cannot be foreseen even in the midst of a match. Still there are some hints that we can take going into the tournament. Continue Reading

Premier League Predictions: Previews for Week 38 EPL Matches

Premier League Previews for week 38 matches along with my pick and follows my predictions. Included in my preview is my pick, statistical analysis for each team, recent form, and betting odds. Continue Reading

Premier League Predictions: Todd’s Week 38 EPL Picks

The final week of the Premier League is here. Week 38 matches will all be played on Sunday, May 11 with kickoff at 10:00 am. My picks and predictions for the last weekend in the EPL can be found below.Continue Reading

Premier League Predictions: Todd’s Week 37 EPL Picks

The Premier League season is down to week 37 and one final push for teams to stake their claims before the final day. This week’s predictions include midweek matches that will see all 20 teams level on games played. Continue Reading

English Premier League Predictions & Analysis