World Cup 2014 Live TV and Internet Schedule

The 2014 World Cup will have a large amount of matches broadcast live in the United States, both on TV and on the internet. Follow this schedule to stay up to date. Continue Reading

World Cup 2014 Friendly Scores: Some Teams Fare Better Than Others In Warm-Up

With the 2014 World Cup starting up in less than a week most teams were in action over the weekend playing warm-up friendlies. Some teams ended up doing better than others in their preparation. Check out the scores for these matches. Continue Reading

World Cup Predictions: Group F Preview

Group F features one of the favorites predicted to win the 2014 World Cup in Argentina. They are joined by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, and Nigeria. While Argentina should be able to top the group, the remainder of the teams will hope to make it difficult. Continue Reading

Marco Reus Injured, Out of Germany World Cup Squad

Germany will be travelling to Brazil for the World Cup without their star winger, Marco Reus, after he went down injured with an ankle ligament injury in their final warm-up friendly against Armenia. While Germany were dominant in their last match prior to the World Cup, with a 6-1 win over Armenia, being without one… Continue Reading

World Cup Predictions: Group E Preview

Group E features Ecuador, France, Honduras, and Switzerland and plenty of unknowns. This is yet another group that is up for grabs, especially now that France will be without Ribery. Continue Reading

United States 23 Man World Cup Squad

The United States returns to another World Cup this summer and is bringing a 23 man squad with an average age of 27.3 and a total of 800 caps. Continue Reading

Portugal 23 Man World Cup Squad

Despite what everyone might say, or think, Portugal is much more than just Cristiano Ronaldo. Their squad is made up of some top players who play throughout Europe’s best leagues. Continue Reading

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