Fantasy Premier League Tips Week 5 Preview

For my gameweek 5 fantasy Premier League tips I will be discussing which players have been failures to start this season. This is a topic that I have been covering in my weekly articles over at Togga and I wanted to take a look at some of the players that have really flopped in the first four matches prior to the international break. Continue Reading

Week 5 Premier League Predictions

Now that the international break is finally over we can resume our regularly scheduled Premier League matches with week five returning this weekend. I’ve never been a fan of these international breaks and the most recent one was just annoying despite the yearly occurrences. It is such a massive interruption and I definitely prefer club football over internationals any day. Continue Reading

Fantasy Premier League Tips Week 4 Preview

So far this season has tossed up a few shocking starts along with a few of the usual suspects when it comes to fantasy players. So many of us experts had pre-season expectations for certain players that just have not met these expectations, such as Eden Hazard. Continue Reading

Entranced: Players that will immobilize your opponents defense.

If your Premier League fantasy Soccer club is struggling. Chances are that your lineup is missing firepower. The kind capable of mimicking a wildfire, or better yet, immobilizing your opponents defense. The following players are capable of granting you the effect. If the offensive players are available on your waiver wire. Picking them up is… Continue Reading

Week 4 Premier League Predictions

Going into week four of this Premier League season it appears that teams are starting to settle in to a more defensive approach considering the number of draws last weekend. Out of the six draws from week three matches, half of them ended up 0-0 and other half ended 1-1. Continue Reading

GW3 Fantasy Premier League Preview

For this season I have decided to try something different with my fantasy Premier League team. I will continue to provide tips for each gameweek, but for my teams, I’m not always going to follow my own advice. Continue Reading

Is Friday night football good for the Premier League

The Premier League’s decision to broadcast a Friday match wasn’t planned, but it will end up being a good idea. The league has already proven that it can thrive on Saturdays and occasionally some weekdays. Adding Fridays to the mix will be a major step forward and it is something that will be implemented next year. A change destined to enhance the sport. Continue Reading

English Premier League Predictions & Analysis