Premier League Predictions: Todd’s Week 22 EPL Match Picks

Predictions for week 22 in the Premier League follow another weekend that saw a shakeup in the table at both the top and bottom. I’m sure another weekend of matches will bring us more excitement. Continue Reading

Chelsea’s Manipulation of Referees Give Them An Edge

How many times do us fans have to deal with the antics of Jose Mourinho and his Chelsea players? How often do we need to put up with seeing a sea of blue surrounding a referee? Or having to listen to more drivel being spilled from Mourinho’s mouth? I, for one, am sick of it, but even more than that, I’m sick of how the media continue to buy into it and give him the headlines. Continue Reading

Fantasy Friday: Gameweek 21 Fantasy Premier League Tips and Picks

In gameweek 21 of the Fantasy Premier League season managers now have several changes to contend with. In addition to injuries and suspensions there is also the African Cup of Nations as well as the Asian Cup taking place Continue Reading

Premier League Predictions: Todd’s Week 21 EPL Match Picks

The new year has started and we are now in the other half of the season. Match week 20 returns to its regularly scheduled weekend times after last week’s round 3 FA Cup matches. Continue Reading

Premier League Predictions: Todd’s Week 20 EPL Match Picks

Week 20 Premier League matches will take place to start out 2015. New Year’s Day matches are always fun to watch, even if they do start quite early. Here in the States kickoff for the first game will be at 7:45 am EST, which comes quite early. Continue Reading

Fantasy Premier League Diary Gameweek 19 Preview

Fantasy Premier League’s gameweek 19 takes place this Sunday and Monday with the bulk of matches being played on Sunday. In my preview for these sets of matches I plan to look over the changes I made to my team as well as those I wish I had made or possibly will make. Continue Reading

Premier League Predictions: Todd’s Week 19 EPL Match Picks

Match 19 Premier League predictions follow up on the end of the Boxing Day fixtures. This point of the season means the halfway point. My EPL picks for this week continue the holiday season with games coming this Sunday and Monday. Continue Reading

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