Premier League Predictions: Todd’s Match Week 8 EPL Picks

The international break is finally over meaning that we can return to some real football competitions again. The Premier League starts up this Saturday with match week 8 and kicks off with some excellent matches to start out. Continue Reading

Premier League Predictions: Todd’s Match Week 7 EPL Picks

This weekend features week 7 in the Premier League and will be the last set of matches before the next international break. It’s an unwelcome break and I can’t ever get into these random sets of international matches that do nothing more than interrupt the flow of real soccer. At least we do have some…Continue Reading

Premier League Predictions: Todd’s Match Week 6 EPL Picks

This weekend the Premier League kicks off match week 6 and features another set of great games full of excitement. In fact, the weekend starts off with the Merseyside Derby featuring Liverpool v Everton in the early kickoff. Continue Reading

How Do Transfers Work in European Soccer and the Premier League

The transfer process in European Soccer is often a murky thing that few outside of it truly understand. Trying to explain it to other Americans is always a complicated task. Across the Premier League and all of the leagues in Europe transferring players is a process that is convoluted and so different from what goes on in American sports that finding a simple explanation is not easy. Continue Reading

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