Week 31 Premier League predictions

After the week 30 Premier League matches were largely interrupted by the FA Cup, week 31 returns this weekend with a full slate. Leicester remain at the top of the table while Aston Villa endured yet another loss to keep them mired at the bottom. Continue Reading

Week 30 Premier League predictions

The dreaded week 30 is here for all FPL managers. The week of matches in which there are just five matches being played. This means only ten teams will be playing Premier League matches while the remainder are involved in the FA Cup. Continue Reading

Week 29 FPL Tips

The big thing to look at in week 29 for fantasy Premier League managers is to start preparing your team for the upcoming match weeks. Just as a reminder, week 30 features multiple blanks for several teams and this will need to be accounted for now to avoid having to spend points to make transfers. For myself I began prepping for this several weeks ago and have it set so that I won’t have to make any more transfers, barring injury, but will have the ability to make a transfer prior to week 30. Continue Reading

Week 29 Premier League predictions

With week 29 in the Premier League comes the disappointment of the fact that there are now just ten matches remaining in the season. Still, this is plenty of time for drama. There is one reminder for all FPL managers to prepare for the week 30 blanks with several teams playing in the FA Cup and without a Premier League match for the week. Continue Reading

Week 28 Premier League predictions

The quick turnaround from week 27’s Saturday and Sunday slate week 28’s Tuesday and Wednesday matches means that most teams did not get much of a rest. With the teams involved in European play having also spent the previous Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday playing matches there are some with even less rest. Continue Reading

Week 27 FPL Tips: preparing for the week 30 blanks

If you are anything like me then you don’t like to take a -4 hit when making your fantasy Premier League transfers. Whenever possible I prepare for gameweeks two weeks at a time and try to only use the one free transfer per week so that I am able to stockpile my transfers. With week… Continue Reading

Week 27 Premier League predictions

With the Capital One Cup final taking place on Sunday it is important to note, if you haven’t already, that there are only eight matches this weekend instead of the normal ten. With Liverpool taking on Man City both of their week 27 Premier League games have been postponed. This means that both Everton and Newcastle United get the weekend off. Continue Reading

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