Premier League Predictions: Todd’s Week 38 EPL Match Picks

The day is finally upon us. Week 38 of the 2014-15 Premier League season is here. It is always a somewhat sorrowful day for many and I would say that this year’s final weekend is even more so. The title has already been decided and the table has been almost entirely sorted out leaving us with very little to watch. Continue Reading

Gameweek 37 Fantasy Premier League Tips

For gameweek 37 fantasy Premier League matches both Arsenal and Sunderland have two games to be played which could greatly affect your FPL team. Continue Reading

Gameweek 37 Fantasy Premier League Player Rankings

For the week 37 player rankings I am favoring players from Sunderland and Arsenal who both have two games this week. Picking either team’s players comes with a risk due to their opponents for the weekend, but there is always going to be some risk regardless of the teams and players that you choose. Continue Reading

Premier League Predictions: Todd’s Week 37 EPL Match Picks

We are now left with two weekends of Premier League football remaining. The difficult thing with previewing these matches is trying to figure out which teams are going to go out there and play to the best of their abilities. Continue Reading

Gameweek 36 Fantasy Premier League Player Rankings

Week 36 leaves fantasy Premier League players with plenty of questions. The first being, how will Chelsea play now that they have the title clinched? Will Mourinho continue to push his players and increase their points tally? Or will he start resting players? Continue Reading

Premier League Predictions: Todd’s Week 36 EPL Match Picks

With week 36 arriving, the season is really starting to wind down. Three matches remain meaning there is plenty to play for despite the limited number of games left. It certainly does look gloomy at the bottom of the table, but hopes still remain. Continue Reading

Gameweek 35 Fantasy Premier League Tips

For my gameweek 35 fantasy Premier League tips post I’m asking the question “Is Fabregas finished?” Cesc Fabregas has been one of the lynchpins of Chelsea’s dominance this season providing a league high 17 assists so far this season. For most of the year he has been a player providing consistent point for FPL managers. Now that the season is winding down and Chelsea have all but sealed the title, it is quite possible that Fabregas’ season will tail off. Continue Reading

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