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Newest Fantasy Premier League Article

I recently wrote a Fantasy Premier League article for the FPL site Togga. I highly recommend heading over there and reading my post Top of the Table: Selecting Cesc or Alexis in FPL Midfield. I focus on making the choice, if you need to, between Cesc Fabregas or Alexis Sanchez for your midfield based on their statistics through the season to date.

While you are there I would definitely suggest that you stick around and read up on all of their great Fantasy Premier League tips. They have some excellent content as well as a great FPL product with their draft style fantasy leagues.

The website for the draft style FPL league is Play Togga or you can check out their blog at: Togga

How Do Transfers Work in European Soccer and the Premier League

The transfer process in European Soccer is often a murky thing that few outside of it truly understand. Trying to explain it to other Americans is always a complicated task. Across the Premier League and all of the leagues in Europe transferring players is a process that is convoluted and so different from what goes on in American sports that finding a simple explanation is not easy. Continue Reading

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