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Premier League Predictions: Todd’s Week 38 EPL Match Picks

Week 38 Premier League PredictionsThe day is finally upon us. Week 38 of the 2014-15 Premier League season is here. It is always a somewhat sorrowful day for many and I would say that this year’s final weekend is even more so. The title has already been decided and the table has been almost entirely sorted out leaving us with very little to watch.

I am not excited for this Sunday’s set of matches at all. There are only two teams left with anything to play for and there is very little in the way of excitement for any of the other matches on the day. At this point there is so little to actually care about that it doesn’t even matter that NBC is broadcasting every match live.

Don’t get me wrong, I plan to watch matches on Sunday, after all, it is soccer and I do enjoy watching soccer. The problem is that the narrative for this season has been completely drained away. NBC may be billing the final matchday as “Championship Sunday,” but I have a difficult time seeing anything resembling a championship on this Sunday.

The very little bit of drama taking place on Sunday comes in the form of whether Hull or Newcastle will be the final team relegated. At the moment Hull City is the sitting in 18th place on 34 points while Newcastle are in 17th with 36.

What this means is that Hull has to win, which would be Steve Bruce’s win against former club Manchester United, while also relying on Newcastle to lose. A draw for Newcastle is enough to keep them safe as well as a Hull City draw or loss. This all leads to what has become a rather anti-climactic ending to the season.

Elsewhere there are players out there that will be looking to put in a good performance and possibly get a new contract or put themselves in the shop window for the upcoming transfer season. This means that teams like Burnley, Crystal Palace, Aston Villa, West Brom, Leicester, and QPR could put on some good games to watch for us as fans.

Overall, I am expecting goals this weekend, more from some teams than others, but there should be goals scored and it should make for an entertaining weekend of soccer.

Time Home       Away Final Score
Sunday, May 24
10:00ET/15:00GMT Arsenal 1 v 2 West Bromwich Albion
10:00ET/15:00GMT Aston Villa 2 v 2 Burnley
10:00ET/15:00GMT Chelsea 1 v 0 Sunderland
10:00ET/15:00GMT Crystal Palace 1 v 1 Swansea City
10:00ET/15:00GMT Everton 2 v 2 Tottenham Hotspur
10:00ET/15:00GMT Hull City 3 v 2 Manchester United
10:00ET/15:00GMT Leicester City 2 v 1 Queens Park Rangers
10:00ET/15:00GMT Man City 2 v 1 Southampton
10:00ET/15:00GMT Newcastle United 1 v 3 West Ham United
10:00ET/15:00GMT Stoke City 1 v 0 Liverpool


This is all very relevant for fantasy Premier League managers, especially those looking to climb the rankings on the last day of the season. There are many teams that will likely put out young players and rest their regulars. There are many players out there looking to make an impact and prove their worth with the transfer market coming up next month.

My predictions for the weekend can be used as a tool for FPL owners to set their teams, however, the last weekend for Premier League matches is always interesting and difficult to predict what will happen.

There are plenty of teams that have little to play for, as I have repeatedly stated, and this makes it very difficult to determine which teams and players will actually put in the work to have a good game.

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